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Japanese Onsen music & ASMR | Spa, Relax, Bath time [12songs]


Music Playlist

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This is a playlist of Japanese style spa music inspired by Japanese hot springs "Onsen".

The ASMR sounds of gushing hot spring water and chirping birds will invites you into a world of relaxation.

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00:00 Hot spring inn 1 "Hot spring smoke"

01:44 Hot spring inn part 2 "Snow melting hall"

04:15 Onsen Ryokan Part 3 "Matsu no Yu"

05:50 Hot spring inn 5 "Yugawara-tei"

07:24 Tranquil hot springs

09:51 Ryokan in the evening

12:28 Baths are soothing

14:30 Setting time

16:20 Hot spring inn 10 "Hakone inn"

17:55  Hot spring inn 12 "Open-air bath in winter"

19:30 Hot spring inn 13 "Hot spring of Zen"

21:50 Relax Spa

23:34~ Listen again . . . (Birdsong joins in)
47:08~ Listen again . . . (Music only)

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Japanese Onsen music & ASMR | Spa, Relax, Bath time [12songs]

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