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Japanese beautiful music | Impressive [12songs]


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About this music


A playlist of beautiful and tearful copyright-free Japanese-style BGM.

Please enjoy the touching, fantastic and healing Japanese style music by Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Piano, etc.

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00:00 Dream Sakura

02:51 Mysterious Kyoto

05:55 Light Snow Moon Palace

08:41 Eternal Fort
*Paid royalty-free background music

11:50 Shrine on the lake

16:37 Japanese Twilight

20:13 Japanese deep mountain shrine

23:08 Eternal Cherry Tree
*Link in preparation

25:22 Cherry blossoms at night
*Link in preparation

29:11 Hometown wind

31:27 Hometown hill

33:13 Autumn leaves fall
*Link in preparation

35:26 Listen again . . .

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