Terms of service - フリーBGM MOMIZizm MUSiC

Terms of service

  • Please give credit.
  • Please post a link to this site(https://music.storyinvention.com/en/) or a link to the YouTube video of each music.
  • For convenience, I may use the term "no copyright", but I don't waive copyright in the precise sense of the law. However, I will not exercise my copyright if you use it in accordance with the Terms of Use.
  • For commercial use, please consult with us.
  • When using music on YouTube, never register the content ID.
  • Use of background music in YouTube videos is allowed, but use in videos where the music is the main content is prohibited (e.g. putting together as background music for work).
  • AI training of music from this website is prohibited. (If music from this website makes up less than 0.01% of the total training data, it is permitted.)