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Terms of service

  • Please give credit.
  • Please post a link to this site(
  • For commercial use, please contact with me.
    *Use in a YouTube monetization video is not considered commercial use.
  • Use of background music within YouTube videos is permitted, but use in videos where music is the main content is prohibited (e.g., put together as background music for work). Use is allowed as long as the video is not for the purpose of having music played.
  • When using music on YouTube, never register the content ID.
  • AI training of music from this website is prohibited. (If music from this website makes up less than 0.01% of the total training data, it is permitted.)

If you are a Patreon supporter or a YouTube member, you can use the music without credit notation.
Your support of my musical activities would be greatly appreciated!

For convenience, I may use the term "no copyright", but I don't waive copyright in the precise sense of the law. However, I will not exercise my copyright if you use it in accordance with the Terms of Use.