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[BGM for Skipping] Lazy and Loose and Goofy [13 songs]


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About this music


This is a playlist of background music that will make you feel like you are relaxing and slacking off.

I have collected comical, funny, and goofy songs.

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00:00 Everyone's Carefree

02:21 Slacking Time

04:30 Holiday Day

07:17 Chat Slowly

10:35 A Loose Walk

12:46 Pretend After School

16:33 Let's Talk Leisurely

18:18 Picnic with Cows

20:11 Beckoning Cat

22:03 Carefree Mr. Takahashi

23:53 Stupid Song

28:24 Mr. Hyoro-hyoro

30:57 Everyday of Otoboke Acorns

33:07 Listen again . . .

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