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[No copyright music] RPG/Opening "Overture/Overture"

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I created this overture in my own way as a tribute to Koichi Sugiyama's masterpiece, Dragon Quest Overture. I started composing music because I was fascinated by the music of Dragon Quest, and Mr. Koichi Sugiyama is a very great composer.

I am afraid to call it an overture, so I decided to call it "Overture/Overture. As with the original, I first composed it with 3 NES notes, and then arranged it into an orchestra.

Incidentally, I did not originally intend to compose this piece for a memorial service, but was asked to compose an "Overture" motif just before the memorial service.

The timing of the request was fateful, and I composed the opening theme not as a mere imitation of the original, but as a simple yet uplifting, grandiose, and classical theme with a prestigious and classical atmosphere. Also, in reference to the fact that the original was composed in 5 minutes (54 years and 5 minutes), we did not spend too much time creating the framework for this piece either, aiming for straightforward melody and harmony (we spent a lot of time on orchestration).

I did some things along the way that I would certainly not have done in Dragon Quest, but I did so because it is an overture in my own way. I will continue to compose music so that it will not be a mere degraded version, and I will devote myself to creating music that will remain in people's hearts.

Thank you, Koichi Sugiyama, for teaching me the joy of music and composing.
Thank you very much!

[No copyright music] RPG/Opening "Overture/Overture"

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