[No copyright music] Violin/Passionate "Soul Writing" - フリーBGM MOMIZizm MUSiC

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[No copyright music] Violin/Passionate "Soul Writing"

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"Soul Writing" is a deeply evocative piece that conjures the image of someone writing passionately at a desk in a small room, with sunlight streaming through the window. The violins engage in a beautiful counterpoint, weaving together a rich tapestry of sound.

Though created for a specific scene in the independent film "BAPPON," the music stands alone in its emotional depth. To enhance the storytelling, I incorporated motifs from "Hero of Justice Here!" adding layers of meaning and narrative to the composition. This piece, with its heartfelt melodies and intricate harmonies, captures the essence of soulful introspection and creative fervor.

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[No copyright music] Violin/Passionate "Soul Writing"

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