J-RPG style No copyright music Orchestra

[No copyright music] RPG/Village "Calm Houses"

About this music


This is a free orchestral BGM with an image of a peaceful and tranquil village. Woodwinds such as flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon play an active role. It is designed with a Dracula-like atmosphere in mind, so it is easy to use in RPG Maker, etc.


A peaceful village with about 6 houses on a small hill.
A gentle breeze blows throughout the year, and the grass and trees sway quietly.
Surprisingly, many sheep are free-range in the village.
The villagers love their sheep and celebrate their birthdays together.

The mayor of the village, Hitzig Aicheterre, who will turn 100 this year, decides to hold a grand thanksgiving ceremony to express his gratitude to the sheep.
Then three travelers arrive...



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