[No copyright music] Cute/Glitter"Magic Sorbet" - フリーBGM MOMIZizm MUSiC

Cute, Kawaii No copyright music

[No copyright music] Cute/Glitter"Magic Sorbet"

About this music


It's a fairy tale world where Sherbet, who has magical powers, puts all sorts of things on ice, but even when frozen, she is alive and well and can talk and have fun! It's kind of fun!

Cute, sparkling, gentle piano, iron harp, xylophone, clarinet, recorder, etc. create a healing atmosphere. There is also a slightly sad atmosphere.

It is recommended for scenes involving babies, children, small animals, pets, etc., BGM for YouTube distribution, etc., as well as for endings, wedding scenes, etc., since it has a slightly fantastic and moving atmosphere.


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